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10 Ways To Use Candles In Your Interior Design

Small and Large Jar Candle with Votive

Now and then, we all need a fresh look in our abodes. Of course, there are a great many interior design ideas out there and ways in which you can revampyour space. However, if you don’t have the time or, indeed, funds for a complete overhaul, this may seem a little daunting! Never fear — there’s one extremely easy way to give your place a new look without it being too much hassle

If you don’t already use scented candles in your interior design, now may just be the time to start. These beautiful little things are utterly diverse, which means that there are loads of ways to introduce them into your house. Here are just 10 simple things that you may well want to try in your very own home. Enjoy!


1. Create a ‘candle cluster’ corner

The candle cluster has breezed in and out of fashion over the years, but now it is very much back in. In truth, this ingenious little design means that you can play around with a whole load of candles and arrange them as you wish. Pick a fairly plain space in your home to practise this art.

Next, you will want to get an array of candles – both large and small – and arrange them in a quirky and interesting way. Eccentricity is at the heart of this one. When you light the wicks of each candle, the arrangement will become a feature piece in its own right.


2. Use large jar candles as centrepieces

If your table setting is looking relatively bare, you might want to try introducing some large jar candles to the area. At Heart & Home, we have a broad selection of carefully crafted jar candles, which might just fit the bill. You can choose to pop just one candle here or a few to make a unique centrepiece. What’s more, it will make your next dinner extra romantic when you have it by glorious candlelight.


White Jasmine and Freesia Jar Candle3. Make a faux fireplace

If you happen to have an unused fireplace, now may be the time to bring it back to life. Rather than getting a whole new fitting, you could pop a candle cluster inside it. That way, when you light the candles, it will look as though you have a roaring fire all the same. Plus, if you combine the right scented candles, this experience is sure to delight your senses!


4. Use tea lights as accent pieces

In a spacious room, it can be hard to ensure that each area is well-lit and bright. Luckily, you can use tea lights in holders to cast a little extra glow onto these areas. For example, you may want to place some in alcoves or on mantelpieces. It really is these small details that will make all the difference to your interior design style.



5. Create a totally ‘zen’ bathroom

When you think of relaxation, what pops into your head? If chilling out in the tub is your idea of heaven, here’s one way to make the experience even better. Simply add some votive candles in holders to the edge of the bath to create a zen space that is completely your own. The next time you want to unwind, it should be easier than ever.


6. Light up your room with lanternsSimply Spa Jar Candle with Flowers and Sunglasses

Of course, there are many candle accessories out there that can help you turn them into something extra special. If you’ve got an Eastern theme going on in your home, you may very well love this next idea. Why not use some stunning lanterns as lighting for the room?

These enticing little accessories are enough to make any home environment look like something really special. At Heart & Home, we have some wonderful examples, including our ever-popular Arabian Lantern. Dotting these around a room is certain to give it an exotic feel.

7. Reflect the light to dazzling effect

Here’s an interior design idea that will help you make the light go even further than ever. You may not realise it but there are loads of mirror accessories that you can now get for your candles. That means that when you light one of your gorgeously scented Heart & Home candles, the warm light of the flame goes twice as far.

8. Embrace the coastal interiors trend

The coastal interiors trend is one that’s been going strong for a couple of years now. Since this is a fad that seems to be going nowhere fast, it may well be time to get on board and try it for yourself. You can actually get many different scented candles and home accessories that align with the whole beach house look.

You don’t have to start over and redecorate the place. Instead, you should just add a few little extras to your space to pay homage to the trend. You don’t need to look far. In fact, at Heart & Home, we have a selection of coastal style tea light holders. Check them out now!


Friends sharing photos over a Heart and Home Candle9. Make yourself a reading nook

No home is truly complete without a reading nook. If you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm, you will adore this interior design idea. Creating a reading nook simply means clearing a comfortable space in which you can relax with your favourite novel. Use some large jar scented candles to add a certain charm to this area of your home. You won’t regret it.

10. Introduce Hygge into any home

Finally, one of the biggest trends of 2016 and 2017 has been the Hygge fad. At the centre of this idea is the notion that you need to enjoy the smaller things in life from great smells to the warm glow of a candle. Luckily, scented candles offer you both of those things, and so they are well worth using in your design.

You should choose the room in which you spend the most ‘down time’ and introduce some candles into that space. Be sure to choose larger candles to create a real candlelit atmosphere. Remember, the more you have, the warmer the place will feel. Genius!