Scented Candles by Heart & Home

Intensely scented candles do more than just make your house feel like a home.

Their rich, inviting aromas invoke powerful memories and emotions within you. As enticing as they are delectable, our candles offer an experience like no other. They stir warm, wondrous feelings that, until this moment, you had forgotten existed. Feel yourself unwind as our original fragrances transport you to faraway places.

Once you light the wick and inhale the gorgeous scents, you’ll find that you are no longer merely sitting in your living room. Instead, you’re a million miles away, enjoying the pure joy these fragrances offer.

Firstly you might be on a beach, taking in the unmistakable smell of the cool sea breeze. Here, you can unwind and relax in sheer serenity. Alternately, you could find yourself in the heart of a hidden oasis; totally alone in your utter contentment. The smell of fresh green fauna surrounds you in bliss as you slowly feel yourself de-stress.

At Heart & Home, we lovingly produce our unique scented candles, with our team of experts ensuring that each of our beautiful candles has the most sumptuous blend of fragrances because we care about producing the best candles.

There’s no doubt that our bespoke aromas are simply irresistible. When you invest in scented candles by Heart & Home, our individual soy wax blend means you can be sure of a completely clean burn. Our attractive candles make ideal gifts for yourself or your loved ones. Aside from that, we also have a glorious selection of decor accessories to complement your home.

Check out our broad range today – we are certain you’ll find something you just adore.