About Us

Years of Innovation and expertise

Since its launch, Heart & Home has grown in popularity and become an established global brand with loyal customers. Our vision is to craft only the very best in home fragrance. You can relax and enjoy your Heart & Home product, assured of our commitment to creating premium, stylish and distinctively desirable home fragrance ranges…


Designed in England,
enjoyed worldwide

Exclusively designed in-house by our Yorkshire based design team, Heart & Home products are excellent quality and designed to perform to  the highest of standards. Within the home fragrance sector, the Heart & Home brand has achieved global recognition and we are respected for our level of customer service, our product quality, environmental responsibilities and product innovation.

Why we celebrate soy

We share the same concerns as our customers, and as we all become increasingly aware of the impact that the products we use have on the environment, we chose a resource which is renewable, sustainable and kinder to our world. Natural soy gives a cleaner burn at a lower temperature and as soy is not only biodegradable and non-toxic, but creates a Heart & Home product that holds its fragrance beautifully from the first burn to the last. Enjoy.

Soy fields

Quality Assurance

Our factories work to the requirements of the relevant safety standards and rigorous quality testing procedures that ensure premium home fragrance. Only when we are satisfied that a product meets these high standards does it earn the right to bear the Heart & Home name.