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For fragrance lovers, deciding which scent to choose can be nigh impossible. We have more than 30 delectably delicious aromas from which you can pick as a votive candle.

If you would like to sample some of our fabulous signature scents, we may just have the ideal option for you. Our broad range of votive candles allows you to try out different scents at truly reasonable prices. These little bursts of fragrance are unique additions to any home. In fact, they could be just what you need to make your house a home.
Sample our signature scents
When you begin to browse our array of scented votive candles at Heart & Home, you will see how utterly diverse it is. Each of our bespoke soy-blend candles are 100% unique to us. With our range of votive candles, you get a wonderful chance to experience the entirety of our collection. We have crafted our votive candles to offer people another option when it comes to purchasing our products.Scent layering in your home
When it comes to layering aromas in your home, our candle votives could be the best solution for you. There is a fine art to blending our rich fragrances. If you want to create a tailor-made aroma for your abode, you can use our quaint votive candles to do so. Matching seasonal scents and warm aromas will create entirely fresh fragrances. Why not choose a few classic scents from our range and see how they complement one another? The miniature votive design means that you can afford to choose more than one candle for your collection.