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Give the gift of fragrance this Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Rambling Rose Jar Candle
Psst… in case you haven’t heard, there’s a rather special day coming up on Sunday 26th March. It’s an event that you should remember, especially if you want to stay in Mum’s good books! Yep, you guessed correctly – it’s Mother’s Day! If we have just jolted your memory, never fear, here at Heart & Home, we’ve got you covered. We know just what your mum will love and luckily for you we happen to have it.


If you’re looking for a gift that Mum will really appreciate, why not consider a candle or accessory from Heart & Home? We have a broad range of presents that will simply delight your mother – and here’s why…


A candle is the perfect gift to help your mum relax

Whether your mum has a busy job or just a lot on her plate right now, it will really help if she is able to unwind and relax. When she comes home from a long day and kicks off her shoes, the first thing she needs to do is light a candle, run a bath, and let all of her worries melt away. Gifting her a wonderfully fragrant candle will help do just that. Right now, we have a range of floral, spring-inspired scents that are just ideal. Picking one of these as that special gift will help her chill out in no time. After all, once she starts burning one of our soy-blend candles, you just know that she will find her inner bliss! Ahhh, that’s better.
Mothers Day Pink Blossom Jar Candle

At Heart & Home, we have a range of special gifts

At Heart & Home, we know how important mothers are. Whether giving us a loving hug, making a tasty Sunday lunch, or listening to our many woes, they’re always there when we need them the most. That’s why we’ve created a special Mother’s Day gift section to celebrate them and all that they do! We have a whole range of gifts from accessories to wax melts, there is certain to be something that is just right for the most important woman in your life.


Stunning accessories complement our candles

Once you’ve chosen your candle, the fun isn’t over yet. Oh no, we have a whole bunch of beautiful accessories that will complement any gift or candle that you happen to choose for your mum. From Pink Blossom Candle Lampshades to Blue Glass Vases, we’ve handpicked some presents that are as special as they are beautiful. Each of these will make a perfect addition to any home and we’re sure that your mum will fall head over heels for them. Take a look at our wide range before you choose the right gifts for your mother. After all, anything you choose is certain to be just what she wants.


There really is a fragrance for every mood

Of course, with spring in the air, there are some lovely fresh scents for this beautiful season. This year we’re including both Sweet Pea and the rather fabulous Pearl Bouquet among our Mother’s Day collection of scents. These two fragrances aptly sum up the bright feeling and fabulous newness of spring. While Sweet Pea brings the floral, rich fragrances of the great outdoors, Pearl Bouquet adds a subtle undertone to richer aromas. Once your mum has tried these scented candles, she will want to get them again and again. Take the time to choose a scent that suits your mum and she will never forget it – our moodboards show all the key fragrance notes to help you decide!


This is the gift that really does keep on giving

Finally, the main reason that you should get your mum a candle this year is this: It really is the gift that keeps on giving. When you treat Mum to a candle, she will have a lasting reminder of how much you care. Each time the candle burns, she will recall how much thought you put into finding the right present for her.

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