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The origin of candles…

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If you are someone who loves candles and relaxing by their soothing light – well who doesn’t – you might just be interested in finding out a little bit more about their history… just why do we light candles?

Lighting beautifully scented candles is something that has become a natural part of our day to day lives, but how did this ritual start? For many of us, we have no idea why the original candles were invented. What’s more, few of us give a second thought to what the lighting process actually means even though we do it every day! Since candles are at our very core here at Heart & Home we thought it would be good to take a look at their background in a bit more detail.

Religious ceremonies

It shouldn’t surprise you that the very first candles were likely to have been used in religious ceremonies. There is something so very cleansing about lighting the wick of a candle that this makes perfect sense and they are often mentioned in old references and are still celebrated in many religions today. The lighting of a candle has also always been tied closely to spiritualism. However, the religious aspect of candles is but one reason that we choose to light them.
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Practical reasons

When the Romans first began making candles on a mass scale, there were a whole lot of different uses for them. The first, and perhaps the most important use was to aid travellers. When people went out on epic journeys, they would always take candles with them to give them the light they needed. The Romans were also known for using candles as one of the first ways to light their homes.

Up until the late 20th Century, many places in the world used candles as a means to light their homes. In fact, this was their primary use for a seriously long time. With the invention of electricity, it may have seemed that candles were redundant. In reality, that was not the case at all.


Aesthetic appeal

So, why do we light candles today? If you’re not religious and don’t need them to keep your home lit, you might think that there’s no real reason. Well, the truth of the matter is that people love candles in a way that they can’t truly explain.

Throughout modern history, having candles in your home has been very much en vogue. In fact, this year, scented candles have been dubbed as one of the ‘must have’ items by many interior design blogs and publications. Why? Well, the reason should be clear. The simple candle is at once whimsical and magical in theme. When you include them in your home, they brighten up the place in more ways than one. Not only has the recent hygge (pronounced hue-gah) Danish influence made candles an essential part of creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere but the bohemian style is also very much making a come-back, meaning that candles in your home will ensure you’re always on trend.

As you can see, there are many reasons that we light candles in the modern age. From practical and religious reasons to their aesthetic appeal, these little wax wonders really do have it all – household items that have stood the test of time… and will do for years and years to come