Goodbye Stress Hello Relaxation

Creating your very own home spa



Stress – it’s something that gets to the best of us. The issue is how we choose to deal with it. There may be a number of things in your day to day life that cause you to worry. Whether it’s your finances or your ever-mounting workload, there’s certain to be at least a couple of things that get you down. The key is knowing when you really do need a break. It’s all about being kind to yourself… you deserve it!

One of the best ways to chase stress away is to take a day away from it all to totally unwind. This doesn’t need to mean a holiday. No, you can unwind just as easily at home as you can away. Here is how you can plan a rest and relaxation day from the comfort of your own house… easy!


Step 1: Turn everything off at home

Think about it. You spend most of the day glued to a screen of some sort. In fact, according to a recent study, us Brits spend a whopping 182.5 days per year looking at some kind of screen — whether it’s the TV or your phone. That’s an awful lot of time.

So, for once, it’s time to switch off. You can start with your phone. Take the time to turn it off along with your computer, tablet, and of course TV too. Doing so will instantly create a sense of calm that you haven’t known in a long time. Disconnecting from these gadgets may seem like a small thing but it makes all the difference.


spa piedras

Step 2: Workout before you relax

Now, it’s time to pay some attention to your body for once. When was the last time that you did a workout or at least some gentle exercise? Whether you’re an active person or not, it’s always worth taking the time to exercise and keep your body in check – even if it’s only to take a daily short walk. After all, when you are active, your body releases ‘happy hormones’ which help you de-stress. The feeling afterwards will be great.


Step 3: Choose your music wisely

Once you’ve finished working out a little, it’s time to start relaxing. If you’re a music-lover, you will adore this next step. Basically, it’s time to pick some tunes that will help you unwind and chill out. Slow, soft music with a low tempo is the best for just this task. Take a look through your music collection and see what you can find.

When you’ve chosen a CD, pop it on and start chilling out a little. Really pay close attention to the music and let it start to take your mind away to other places. It’s so rare that people do this.



SpaStep 4: Create a ‘spa like’ set up

Next, it’s all about creating  your very own spa. When you go to a spa day, you will notice that they have certain things waiting for you in the relaxation area. It’s all about delighting your senses from hearing and sight to smell and touch.

Dim the lights and light some beautifully scented Heart & Home candles. This is the perfect way to wind down and feel totally relaxed. You should also ensure that you have some cucumber water or perhaps even a pot of green tea. Making the room comfortable is the best way for your senses to escape the worries of everyday life.


Step 5: Try some DIY treatments

Finally, it wouldn’t be a relaxing day without some treatments. Rather than paying a small fortune for these, you can try some DIY ones at home. There are plenty of ideas to choose from but one of the best has to be making a face mask.

For this project, you won’t need all that much. Just mix crushed avocado, honey, and coconut oil in equal measures. It will smell simply delicious (but don’t eat it!). This mask is great for unblocking your pores and helping you unwind. Perfect.