It seems that no sooner than Hallowe’en is over, that we plunge headlong into the magical season of Christmas! Our Christmas Queen Mariah announces –  ‘It’s time’ –  and the King of Christmas, Michael Buble, is released from his cave, mic in hand, poised and ready to croon ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’. You’d think it feels too early, but as the year has already whizzed by in a blur –  it’s probably sensible to start thinking about what Christmas gift to buy for your nearest and dearest. 

Home fragrance is always a winner. Everyone has a favourite candle scent, whether it’s floral, foody, woody, or fruity. At the most wonderful time of the year we see traditional festive aromas of cinnamon, spices, mandarin, clove, and pine featuring in a wide array of gorgeous gifts. These scents bring comforting feelings of nostalgia and fond memories of special times spent with loved ones, so those fragrances are simply perfect for pressies!

You can be sure your gift will be deeply appreciated when you take a little time to look at your options. So whether it’s a gift for Grandma, Mum, or your best friend, treat this as a one-stop-shop for all your Christmas gift needs. Here’s our top tips for giving the gift of home fragrance this Christmas.

A Gift for Grandparents

One tip is to think about the recipient. If for example, Grandma has become a little forgetful in her later years, then a reed diffuser is a great idea. Flame-free and long-lasting aromas to savour. The Mini diffusers gift set offers two gorgeous fragrances. Spiced Apple and Cinnamon has a lovely fresh tang of crisp apple and seasonal spices. Allspice and Vanilla has the inviting warmth of cinnamon, topped with caramelised sugar. Practical and thoughtful at the same time. That’s Grandma ticked off the gift list!

Ideas for Mum

Then what about a gift for Mum?  Mums are notoriously difficult to buy for. They give us their support and unconditional love 24/7 so we feel the most pressure at Christmas time to buy the PERFECT gift that shows our love and appreciation for the best Mum ever! Mums never treat themselves, so one thoughtful idea would be a Hearts Carousel to fit over a Twin Wick Candle in Mum’s favourite scent. The pretty carousel sits atop the candle and when lit, it gently spins in the warm candle glow and the heart shaped charms twinkle. Mum will feel the love for sure!

The Best Gift for a Stressed-Out Sister?

As the quote goes, ‘Sisters are never apart… Maybe is distance but not in heart’.  Are you searching for a thoughtful gift to help a stressed-out Sis unwind? We’ve got your back! The Candle & Diffuser Gift Set is perfect. De-stress with the glorious aroma of Winter Pine and Cedarwood. The candle burns for up to 20 hours and backed up by the diffuser which oozes glorious natural essential oils which have long been known for their therapeutic benefits. She’ll thank you forever.

The Modern Millie

If you’re buying a present for a friend who like to follow modern trends then the Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect gift. Tiny drops of oil and water vibrate to create a fine vapour that quietly disperses to instantly fill any living space with divine scent. Used with Heart & Home Natural Essential oil blends to boost wellbeing, and bringing a sense of peace and calm. The diffuser automatically turns off when the water level drops, and with cool coloured light settings to choose from to bring a mellow, chilled vibe to any living space. What could be more soothing during the frantic festive season!

A gift for your bestie

For the friend who means the world to you, is always there with advice and support.  Are they a friend who wants to help the planet by being more eco-friendly? If so, then what could be more appropriate than the Bamboo range of gift sets. The Two Large Jar Candle Gift Set is simply perfect for the candle connoisseur. Hand poured sustainable soy wax candles With Spiced Apple and Cinnamon fragrance alongside Winter Pine and Cedarwood. Each candle has an amazing burn time of up 40 hours. With wooden crackling wicks produced from responsibly managed forests and bamboo wooden lids which actually makes a great coaster to sit the candle on. Even the beautiful, foiled gift packaging is recyclable! A great eco-friendly gift idea for your ride or die.

The Crafty type?

If you like to give home-made gifts and you’re into crafting, then why not make your own Twelve days of Fragrance Advent Calendar? Get 12 unpainted tiny metal buckets and string them together with pretty festive ribbon and fix it to a leafy garland. Fill each bucket with a Wax Melt in different fragrances. A heartfelt gift, made with love and care to enjoy for twelve days of Christmas. A fabulous fragrant run-up to the big day!

If you’re a big knitter – and let’s face it who isn’t these days – channel your inner Tom Daley, and try this Free
Christmas Stocking Pattern
. Fill your creation with Heart & Home goodies such as natural essential oils, wax melts. and room sprays  in festive fragrances for a truly ‘scent-sational’ gift experience!

Not forgetting gifts for male friends and relations

Men love a nice fragrance too! Lots of our scent notes are present in men’s colognes or aftershave. Usually woody, smoky, and green. Think sandalwood, oud, vetiver, and guaiac wood. You can find these woody, earthy tones in the Crackling Wood Fire large jar candle. With forestry certified crackling wood wicks and dark, sophisticated styling he’s bound to love it – and you of course!


Bamboo Winter

Fabulous Christmas gifts for under £10!

Our new Festive Tin Candles are fabulous. Perfect for travelling with a nifty tin lid and in a range of glorious scents, just right for a stocking filler. At just £5.99 they still have the same fabulous eco friendly credentials. Long lasting sustainable soy in seasonally decorative tins.

Affordable luxury awaits. If it’s a Secret Santa gift for a work colleague then why not choose the 3 Mini Candles Gift Set? With great eco-friendly credentials, the mini candles are Spiced Apple and Cinnamon , Allspice and Vanilla and Crackling Wood Fire and at just £9.99 you’ll come in under budget too!

Another cracking stocking filler gift is a Room Spray  Allspice and Vanilla gives the inviting scent of cinnamon and warm spices topped with caramelised sugar and a hint of nutty praline. Eco-friendly reusable and refillable fragrance bottles. Perfect for instant seasonal ambience with a quick spritz for only £7.99!

Our natural Essential Oil blends have been carefully chosen for their exceptional quality with fragrances to suit various environments and moods. Whether you are looking for a calming blend to help you relax or perhaps something to energise, browse our selection and you will find what you need for just £4.99. Perfect for use with the Heart & Home Aroma Diffuser.

Hope you are inspired and ready to tick off that pressie list! As always, we’d love to see your comments and do tag us in any of your socials. #HeartandHome @heartandhomeofficial on Instagram or Heart and Home on Facebook and don’t forget to check in for the next blog!