It seems that no sooner than Hallowe’en is over, that we plunge headlong into the magical season of Christmas! Our Christmas Queen Mariah announces –  ‘It’s time’ –  and the King of Christmas, Michael Buble, is released from his cave, mic in hand, poised and ready to croon ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like […]

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    Here’s our definitive guide to the new Heart & Home Winter home fragrances! It’s that time of year. The nights are drawing in and there’s a definite nip in the air. Have you succumbed and turned the central heating on yet?  It’s time to think about how to cosy up your home and embrace the […]

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  • Ultrasonic diffuser Ultrasonic Diffuser troubleshooting guide

    If you are having any problems getting your Ultrasonic Diffuser to work, the chances are it could be something very simple. Take a look at the troubleshooting advice below:   1. No power although supply is turned on. • Check the power between the socket and the device as well as the cable. To ensure […]

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    There are so many reasons why people enjoy scented candles in their home. The warm and friendly glow of candlelight is a timeless pleasure, creating a soft, relaxing atmosphere that appeals to all. Combine this with the luxurious aromas of essential oils and other fragrances and you have the perfect conditions for unwinding at the [...] Continue Reading
  • heat protection PROTECT YOUR SURFACES

    Issue: The candle jar becomes hot at the base risking damage to the surface it is placed on.

    Reason: The flame has created a full pool of wax and the heat is pushing downwards towards the surface.

    Tip: Place the candle on a heat resistant surface.

    Result: Surfaces are protected from the heat.

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    Issue: Intensity of fragrance is either not strong enough or too overpowering.

    Reason: The candle chosen may not be the right size for the room it has been placed in.

    Tip: As the fragrance throw comes from the wax pool it is always best to choose the appropriate candle size for the area you want to place it in. Our candles come in different sizes so you can choose which size suits the room best.

    Result: The perfect fragrance throw!

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    Issue: Slight discolouration.

    Reason: As soy is a natural material it can be susceptible to extremes in temperature. Although burn should not be affected it still makes sense to take these environmental factors into consideration when storing and using your Heart & Home candles.

    Tip: Keep your candles away from cold sources such as near windows in winter, and avoid direct sunlight. It is best that the candle is always as near to room temperature as possible (65-75°F/18-24°C).

    Result: Retains its true natural aesthetic.

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  • Letting Go TIME TO LET IT GO

    Issue: Hot jar base.

    Reason: There is 2cm or less of wax left in the jar.

    Tip: It may be hard to say goodbye but we recommend that you discontinue use once the flame nears the base of the jar.

    Result: Avoids possibility of heat damage to the container or surfaces.

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  • bloom BLOOM BEGONE!

    Issue: ‘Bloom’ appearance on wick from previous burns.

    Reason: The candle has been burning for too long, usually over 3 hours.

    Tip: Always extinguish the flame after 3 hours (dependent on jar size), trim the wick to 5mm and relight.

    Result: Extended burn times and a cleaner burn overall.

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  • example of candle wax tunnelling HOW TO AVOID CANDLE TUNNELLING

    Issue: ‘Tunnelling’, whereby the candle is left with a hole down the centre, reducing the amount of light from the flame and increasing the wax lost.

    Reason: The candle has not been left to burn for long enough.

    Tip: Allowing the entire top layer of the candle to melt to the sides of the jar on first use creates a ‘burn memory’. Doing this means subsequent uses should follow the same pattern, avoiding the tunnelling effect. Pooling time for our small jars is approximately 45mins and 90 mins for the large jars.

    Result: Maximum burn time using all of the wax, cleaner glass container and more light from the flame!

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