When the sun shines brightly and a warm breeze fills the air, it’s time to refresh your home with delightful fragrances that capture the essence of sunny days. Whether you’re hosting a garden gathering, enjoying a lazy afternoon indoors, or simply yearning to bring the outdoors in, the right home fragrance can instantly transform your living space into a serene oasis. In this blog post, we’ll explore some fantastic fragrance options for sunny days, including a selection of favourites from some of our lovely staff members. Let’s dive in and discover the scents that can elevate your summer experience!

Summer is an ideal time to embrace the flame-free options that are available. Whether it’s a long-lasting reed diffuser, the instant atmosphere provided by a room spray, or the constant fragrance of the whisper-quiet ultrasonic diffuser. You can spend time in the garden and not worry about leaving an unguarded flame burning. Save the candle for later in the day or even bath time!

So, here’s a selection of our favourite go-to summer scents.


Think bright and zingy lemon or lime scents.

When it comes to sunny days, nothing captures the spirit quite like citrus fragrances. The zesty and invigorating notes of citrus fruits infuse your home with an uplifting ambience, creating a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere. Why not opt for citrus scents like lemon, orange, grapefruit, or lime. Doreen  is a big fan of citrus and loves the Lemon Bliss reed diffuser, which offers an abundance of sparkling lemon, uplifted with fresh fruity tones alongside creamy vanilla and soft brown sugar. Doreen thinks it not overpowering like some lemon fragrances can be, but her all-time favourite scent is Lime Splash  which she describes as ‘cheesecake or lemon curd perfection, zingy and deliciously sweet.’

Floral Bliss

Imagine wafting through a colourful, flower filled meadow surrounded by butterflies and lazy bumble bees.

Floral fragrances are synonymous with sunny days, evoking the beauty and grace of fresh blooms. Choose floral scents such as jasmine, rose, lavender, or peony to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere. These scents not only bring a touch of elegance to your space but also promote relaxation and rejuvenation.

Graphic Designer Wendy’s favourite is from the Bamboo range. She loves the Oud Wood & Geranium candle. The sustainable soy holds the fragrance of fresh geranium, softened by the intoxicating aroma of rich, resinous oud wood. Wendy says that ‘the fragrance smells quite masculine, but soft too, it’s also got a warmth to it.’

From the Heart & Home range Wendy enjoys Cotton Blossom, which features beautifully balanced florals entwined with soft cotton blossom, white musk and amber to impart a clean uplifting fragrance. Wendy says, ‘I think they smell soft and calm and not too overpowering. I like a fragrance that is just in the background, subtle but there to hopefully relax and calm.’

Dawn prefers to use an ultrsonic aroma diffuser with the Sweet Pea fragrance essential oil. It’s a floral bouquet to be savoured, with the delicate scent of just-picked sweet pea enhanced by hints of bergamot and heliotrope – luxurious, timeless, and elegant! Dawn likes the fact that the diffuser will switch off automatically when it’s empty, so it doesn’t matter if you leave it running.

Tropical Paradise

Drift away to exotic climes and embrace the intoxicating air.

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with fragrances that evoke the essence of exotic islands and lush forests. Scents such as coconut, clementine, peach, and vanilla can instantly whisk you away to a sun-drenched, white sandy beach, or a dense tropical rainforest. Our designer Helen likes the fragrance of Guardian Angel. She treated herself to a gift set. It’s perfect for a long, indulgent, and well deserved bath at the end of a busy day. You’ll be pleased to know that the gift set has just been put on sale and contains a mini candle and two bath bombs. Helen enjoys the tantalizing notes of geranium and heady patchouli – and the coconut oil in the bath bomb is wonderfully moisturising!

Taste the Ocean

Salty waves and a fresh breeze to blow the cobwebs away.

Capture the invigorating and crisp scent of the ocean with fragrances inspired by the sea. Ocean-inspired scents often feature notes of sea salt, marine plants, and fresh air, evoking a sense of serenity and calmness. Product Developer Adrian Likes Simply Spa. The combination of sweet violet, ylang ylang, and jasmine makes for a wonderfully fresh and soothing aroma at the end of a long day. He lights a wax melt in a warmer and comments that it lasts a long time. This is because soy wax melts at a lower temperature and therefore can last up to 50% longer than paraffin melts.

Herb Garden

Take THYME to elevate your surroundings.

For those who appreciate a more natural and earthy aroma, herb-inspired fragrances provide a refreshing option. Scents like sage, thyme, mint, and rosemary infuse your living space with the fresh and invigorating essence of an herb garden.

Gris looks after our digital assets and she just adores Cedarwood and White Musk.  This woody fragrance features soft white musk sitting atop a rich base of lush bergamot layered with zesty citrus and touches of white pepper. She uses a large reed diffuser because it lasts for up to 16 weeks. She turns the reeds regularly to keep the scent fresh and says, ‘I love woody, herby and earthy fragrances and this one, with citrus notes added is just perfect for me! It’s fresh and makes me feel like the room is clean and tidy – even if it’s not- LOL.’

Tracy prefers Lavender and Sage. She diffuses the herby essential oil in an ultrasonic diffuser which instantly disperses a fine mist into any living space. She uses it in the bedroom because lavender is renowned for helping you to get a better night’s sleep. She awakens refreshed and ready for the day.

Product Manager Maxine says ‘Bamboo & Ginger Lily is my favourite.  It has a light, delicate scent that isn’t overpowering but somehow still manages to take over the whole room… in a good way.’ She can create instant ambience because she uses the room spray which is super-flexible and enables you to add whatever amount of fragrance you prefer. A convenient and quick way to scent your space and with attractive eco-friendly, refillable, and reusable bottle.

So – we’ve given you a little insight into our summer faves, and, as the sun graces us with its warm rays, filling our days with joy and optimism, it’s the perfect time to ramp up the mood in your own home with wonderful fragrances. Whether you prefer zesty citrus, delicate florals, tropical delights, coastal scents, or woody aromas, there are endless options to create a blissful atmosphere for sunny days. Why not embrace the magic of fragrance and let your home become a haven of delightful scents, adding an extra touch of serenity and happiness to your sunny summer. We’d love to hear what your favourite summer scents are, and – as ever – do tag us in your socials and check in for our next blog which features hints and tips to get the most out of your candles. Enjoy the sun!