Getting the Most Out of Your Candle Experience

Candles have an enchanting ability to spark joy, akin to the philosophy of Marie Kondo, the renowned decluttering expert. When we light a candle, its warm and flickering glow not only illuminates our surroundings but also lifts our spirits. Choosing a scented candle that resonates with our senses, carefully placing it in our living space, and lighting the flame brings a sense of mindfulness. As the soothing fragrance fills the air, it invites a tranquil ambience that can evoke cherished memories or create a serene and peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and reflection.

Embracing the minimalist elegance of a single candle or the harmonious scent-scape of a few candles in differing sizes and complementary fragrances, we find joy in the simplicity of the flames, reminding us to appreciate life’s small yet delightful moments. In this way, candles become more than just home décor,  they become little vessels of pure joy that elevate our well-being and inspire us to cherish the present moment.  Did you know that you can now shop these moments of joy and gain points with our Heart & Home rewards scheme? Why not take a look.

To truly maximise your home fragrance experience, it’s important to know a few tips and tricks to get the most from your candles. In this blog post, we will explore how to avoid common issues like tunnelling and wick bloom, as well as how to make the most of your candle even after it has burned down to the last drop of divine scented soy wax.

Say Yes to Soy

The first step is to always choose a candle made from Soy! This creamy sustainable wax is produced from the oil of refined soy beans. Unlike paraffin wax which is made from the fossil fuel petroleum, and beeswax (taken from the hives of bees), soy wax is both eco-friendly and vegan.

Soy wax is a non-toxic alternative that melts at a lower temperature than paraffin, producing a cleaner flame that creates almost no soot. Renewable soy beans are much gentler on the environment than paraffin-based wax.  Soy wax itself is biodegradable, ensuring future generations have one less thing to worry about.

Say Goodbye to Tunnelling

Now you have your candle the first thing to do is to avoid tunnelling. Tunnelling is the uneven burning of a candle, leaving a tunnel-like hole in the middle while wasting precious soy wax on the sides. It leaves you feeling frustrated and  wasteful – not to mention feeling out of pocket! To prevent tunnelling, ensure that the very first burn is long enough to create a full melted pool of wax that reaches right to the edges of the jar. Doing this on the first burn sets the stage for subsequent burns, allowing the candle to burn evenly all the way to the bottom of the jar. Pooling time for our small jars is approximately 45mins and 90 mins for the large jars. So, if you are thinking about lighting a candle but know that you’ll be leaving the house shortly then delay lighting the candle until you return. You can always use a complementary reed diffuser in between candle burns to keep your space fragrant and fresh.

Bid Farewell to Wick Bloom

Wick bloom is the residue that can form on the wick of a candle over time. It looks like a bulbous ball of soot on top of the wick. It doesn’t affect the candle’s performance but can be unsightly. If it gets knocked it can drop little sooty deposits in the wax which ruins the aesthetically pleasing look of the candle. To prevent wick bloom, don’t burn the candle for too long (over 3 hours – depending on jar size.) and simply trim the wick to 5mm before each burn. Additionally, keeping your candle away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature fluctuations will help minimise wick bloom.

Achieve the Best Throw

The throw of a candle refers to the distance the fragrance travels, filling your space with its delightful aroma. The higher the percentage of fragrance oil used in the candle will determine its throw.

You’ll be happy to know that Heart and Home uses a high percentage of natural essential oils to bring you the very best home fragrance experience. To help enhance the throw, make sure to trim the wick to approximately 5mm before each use. This promotes a controlled and clean burn, allowing the fragrance to disperse evenly. Also, consider placing your candle in a central location, away from draughts, to optimise the scent diffusion. A draught will weaken the throw considerably.

Too Hot to Handle?

If you have followed our handy tips, you will probably have enjoyed delightful fragrance all the way to the bottom of the jar! If you find that the bottom of the jar is becoming too hot then its time to buy a new candle. You really want to avoid damaging any surfaces with a burn mark so why not gently heat the jar and scrape any remaining wax and pop it into the bowl of a wax warmer to really get the most out of your candle. Then don’t throw the jar away. Keep reading!

Right Size for your Space

If you find that your candle seems to have very little fragrance or it is the opposite and far too overpowering, then you may have chosen the wrong size candle for the space it is in.  A good tip is to place a candle in a smaller room and see how you like it. If it’s too strong then put it in a bigger room. Keep going until you get the right level for you. And vice-versa of course. If it’s fragrance is too weak, move it to a smaller room. Our scented candles come in various different sizes so you can choose which size suits your chosen room the best.

Embrace the Afterlife of Empty Candle Jars

Once your candle has burned its last flicker and you’ve enjoyed the last drop of divine fragrance, don’t bid farewell to the jar just yet! There are numerous ways to repurpose it creatively. Clean out any remaining wax by gently heating the jar and wiping it with a paper towel. You can then use it to store small trinkets, organise office supplies, or even as a charming container for make-up brushes or fresh flower posies! I love to do this with the twin wick ellipse jar candle because the shape is so pretty. Get inspired and let your imagination run wild. Don’t forget to tag us in your socials and show us how you have re-purposed your candle jars!

By implementing these tips, you can make the most of your candle experience from start to finish. Say goodbye to tunnelling, ensure the best throw of fragrance, prevent wick bloom, and explore the possibilities of repurposing your empty candle jars. So, go ahead, and let your candles captivate your spaces in ways you never thought possible!  Hope you are enjoying our blog posts. Do let us know if there’s a topic you’d like us to cover. Our next blog focuses on perfect scents to use when working from home or studying. We’ll help to guide you to choose scents to inspire creativity and keep you calm when revising or on a deadline.  As ever – we’d love to hear your comments.