If your diffuser is not working or you are having problems getting your Ultrasonic Diffuser to dispense fragrance, the chances are it could be something very simple. Take a look at the troubleshooting advice below:


1. No power although supply is turned on.

• Check the power between the socket and the device as well as the cable. To ensure there aren’t any problems, remove the DC plug from the diffuser and then insert again to ensure connectivity.

• The power will automatically turn off if there is no/not enough water in the tank. Therefore, please check to ensure the tank has sufficient water for the device to operate correctly.


2. No mist spray or mist spray is not sufficient.

• Check the spray nozzle for dirt.

• Ensure the water is not above the maximum line. If there is too much water or too little water the spray will not work properly.

• Make sure the upper cover and inner section are correctly assembled. If not, the water may not reach the nozzle.

• Ensure the air outlet is clean. If there is dirt clogging this then the mist flow may alter.

• As outside temperature and humidity can affect the appearance of the spray mist – it may be that although you cannot see any mist it is still working. If this is the case then you will still hear the motor running.


3. Water Leakage.

• Ensure the upper cover and the inner section are correctly assembled.

• If upper and inner covers are not correctly aligned the water can be trapped, causing a dew-like appearance in the tank.

• Fog-like appearance or water droplets at the nozzle are due to air temperature being too high or low and is normal. Wipe away droplets carefully. Diffuser should still work correctly.


Still having problems? Take a look at the Ultrasonic Diffuser User Manual here to make sure that you have followed the correct set-up steps.